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This is a game changer legends. Amino Energy is probably the most versatile supplement we have ever seen – its a big claim, but we back it. Some use it as a light and energising pre-workout, some use it mid-workout to add strength, energy and endurance to every rep. Others switch out Amino Energy as a healthier, more affordable, lower calorie and no sugar alternative for the coffees, or a way to keep your raging appetite at bay throughout the day. Whatever the use, Amino Energy is a product you can trust to always help you recover faster, remain energetic as ever and perform better. Best of all, despite the lack of calories, Amino Energy is as good as a candy store in every single sip.

– Boosts energy in a light and refreshing way, without the heavy stimulants! – Promotes faster recovery so you can get back to doing what you do best in the gym or on the field – Enhances your ability to perform within a workout, reducing fatigue and firing endurance – No calories, fats or sugars, creating a clean and healthy option to suit absolutely every diet

Amino energy is an industry-leading product. It’s a best-seller for a good reason. Amino Energy combines all 9 of the essential amino acids  for optimised health and athletic performance, with a natural, balanced form of caffeine to really give you that extra edge to get yourself at your best. We truly believe every healthy person needs a little Amino Energy in their day no matter what your goals and lifestyle.

First up in Amino Energy is the Aminos! Amino acids are the simple compounds which combine to create a protein peptide – which is why they are often referred to as ‘building blocks’ of protein and muscle. Amino acids therefore fulfil the role of building muscle and repairing body structures, hence why they have such significant importance to the fitness industry – they’re the nutrients of gains. The human body contains 20 amino acids – 11 non-essential, which your body naturally creates, and 9 essential amino acids, which your body requires from dietary intake. Amino Energy contains all 9 of these essential amino acids, in a high quality and effective dosage to optimise the availability of these key nutrients in your body. Thus, with Amino Energy on your side, you’ve got a peak supply of everyone to improve your recovery and help you build muscle mass, thus maximising your strength, power and athletic performance in every aspect.

Second is the caffeine. Amino Energy contributes caffeine content in the form of green coffee and green tea extract – two natural forms that leave you feeling light and energised with a clean and natural boost – completely crash and jitter free. This boost can be used for anytime and everytime you need it, to help you perform in every element. Whether you’re firing away your incredible brain power at work and start to feel a little tired and sluggish, you’re a bit slow to get started in the morning or you’re enroute to the gym, Amino Energy will help to reboot that energy. This means you can say goodbye to the numerous coffees a day, the energy drinks and sports drinks stacked full of sugar – saving not only your health but your wallet too!

Finally, and most importantly, comes the taste of Amino Energy. We are obsessed. The range of flavours is incredibly vast (we’ve listed them just below for you legend), and every single one of them is incredible. Amino Energy provides that sweet tooth kick that puts every craving to bed, and keeps our hands out of the snack cupboard. They’re sweet, fruity and refreshing – just like a summer mocktail! Here’s a list of the to-die-for flavours you have to pick between (side note, if you can’t pick, there’s a twin pack there for a good reason!): Grape -Satisfy your sweet tooth, with grape that taste like candy. Fruit Fusion - A refreshing fruit punch. Pineapple - Just the right amount of sweetness, a zingy aftertaste that is absolutely amazing. Orange Cooler - Sweet and tangy, a great balance for those chasing a safe flavour. Lemon Lime - Not too sour, not too sweet. The perfect thirst-quenching mix when served ice cold. Strawberry Lime - A strawberry lime flavour without bitterness and flaky bits. Blue Raspberry - Will have you reminiscing your childhood memories of killer pythons – the flavour is bang on. Watermelon - Tastes like a nectarine, peach and plum all mixed into one delicious package.

Optimum Nutrition is probably the biggest name in the sports supplement industry, it comes as no surprise Amino Energy has been the top-selling amino acid in the industry for years. Amino Energy has a unique formulation of caffeine, amino acids, and a ridiculously low-calorie value.

Key Features

Each serve will:

  • Increase energy
  • Speed up recovery
  • Increase endurance

Suggested Use

Mix two scoops of Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition in 300-350 mls of water. Use for:

  • Pre-Workout
  • Anytime Energy
  • Morning

Available Flavours

When it comes to flavour variety Amino Energy has you covered:

Grape – Satisfy your sweet tooth, with grape that taste like candy.
Lemon Lime – Not too sour, not too smooth. The perfect thirst-quenching mix when served ice cold.
Blue Raspberry – Less tart with a mellower, but not necessarily sweeter flavour.
Watermelon – Tastes like a nectarine, peach and plum all mixed into one delicious package.

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